Building Resiliency

Building awareness about mental health, creating a psychologically safe work environment through peer supports and creating recovery-informed workplaces, all contribute to fostering optimal mental health for our members



To create a resilient workplace culture, workers and leaders need to build critical skills and competencies. That means workplace learning about mental health and well-being needs to become a shared priority and part of everyday interactions in the workplace.

Learn more by choosing among the topics to meet your individual interests about your mental, physical, financial and social well-being.

After registering for the learning modules, you will gain access to two distinct learning paths:

  1. E-learning Sessions: These are available at any time and can be accessed at your convenience using a computer or mobile device. Each E-learning session takes about one hour to complete.
  2. Instructor-Led Learning: You are required to sign-up and join the next scheduled session, conducted by professional instructors. Each instructor-led session is accessible using your computer or mobile device and takes about one hour to complete.
Pillars of Wellbeing
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Dealing with Sleep Issues
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Building Blocks for Positive Mental Health
  • Mental Health in the Workplace for Employees
  • Mental Health in the Workplace – Leaders
  • Road to Resilience
  • Building Awareness of Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable Workplace
  • Building Bridges – Collaboration at Work
  • Positive Parenting
Instructor-led virtual sessions, 60 minutes in length that build awareness through a ‘watch and learn’ style that may include polling, Q&A, and group interaction all hosted by an expert in the field.
  • Coming Soon!

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