Building Resiliency

Building awareness about mental health, creating a psychologically safe work environment through peer supports and creating recovery-informed workplaces, all contribute to fostering optimal mental health for our members


How it works

Breaking Free is a self-guided, interactive digital service that is a confidential wellness and recovery support for alcohol and drugs and to improve your overall mental health.

Here are the steps:

Complete a Questionnaire

Provides a deep understanding of your circumstances and difficulties to Breaking Free.

Set Goals

Breaking Free is designed to help you reduce or stop your substance use, or maintain your recovery, based on your individual goals.

Learn What Could Impact Your Recovery

Offers a personalized diagram that outlines potential risks and recommends proven techniques for dealing with them.

Get Action Plans

Empowers you to put what you've learned into practice to achieve sustained behavioural change.

Track Progress

Breaking Free not only understands your unique circumstances but also tracks and displays your progress towards your goals and personal achievements throughout your journey.

Celebrate Your Success

Allows you the option to share your progress with your supporters and receive a certificate to acknowledge your hard work.


1. Visit the Breaking Free Website

The Breaking Free Online website can be accessed by clicking the button below.  You must create an account on the Breaking Free Online website to get started.

2. Create an Account

Click “Sign Up” button on the Breaking Free Online homepage. After reading and agreeing to the license agreement, use the service code “GETHELP” to finalize account creation. 

After creating an account, Breaking Free can be accessed online at Breaking Free Online or through the Breaking Free Companion Canada app.



Geo-location alerts for high risk locations to help strengthen positive coping skills.

Calendar services

Delivers calendar alerts for key dates/events.

Personalized experience

Delivers calendar alerts for key dates/events.


The Breaking Free Companion Canada app is designed to be used alongside Breaking Free Online, the award-winning recovery program for alcohol and drugs that is accessed at

You must create an account on the Breaking Free Online website before using the mobile app.

Download the app for FREE from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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